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How to address divorce in the workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2018 | Firm News |

The office space becomes a second home for most employees. After spending over 40 hours a week in one environment, it makes sense we grow an attachment to our co-workers and the cubicle we sit in each day. However, there are tough situations we do not want to deal with in the workplace.

Divorce is an extraordinarily stressful situation for most people, and the office is not the best place to address your relationship problems. Luckily, there are ways to navigate awkward conversations about your former spouse at the water cooler.

Keep your coworkers informed

Often, divorce hearings or lawyer appointments may lead to taking ‘personal days’ from your job. In this case, it is best to tell your immediate boss of the situation and any coworkers that rely on your presence at work. Most employers and colleagues will be understanding of the situation and will not ask questions about the circumstances.

Stay professional

We all have peers that we may feel comfortable with and share the details of our divorce. However, it’s important to stay professional with other employees during the day. Try to avoid talking about your divorce in most conversations and stay on top of your regular duties.

It may not be easy for most people going through a painful divorce to leave their situations at home. But, it may help you grieve your previous relationship and keep your job during a tough situation.

Be realistic with your workload

Between hearings, meetings and your changing mood, you may find it difficult to stay on top of your typical workload. Understand that it is entirely normal and do not put too much pressure on yourself to exceed work expectations. If you already informed your boss of the circumstances, they will understand and support you until the proceedings are over.

Take care of yourself

While our jobs a vital role in our lives, it’s important to recognize when you need to take a step back and take care of yourself. If your divorce is weighing heavy on your physical or mental health, it’s time to take time off and connect with your emotions.

Whether it’s doing a hobby you love or talking to a therapist; it is crucial to put yourself first during a divorce. You needed to be ready and refreshed when you return to your position.



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