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An Attorney Caring For Your Children’s Best Interests

Deciding how your children are going to interact with you after a divorce can be a complicated and emotional task. You need a Georgetown/Austin area attorney who will look out for your concerns as well as the best interests of your family. Preventing conflict now will save much hardship in the future.

Attorney Jim Jarvis has more than four decades of experience helping clients in the Austin area understand their options and make custody and child possession schedule decisions that meet their needs.

Resolving Child Custody And Visitation Concerns Amicably

Attorney Jim Jarvis understands the importance of having your children know that both parents will show up to important events in their lives. He will work with you to establish a parenting schedule that meets your needs as well as satisfies your children’s well-being.

Contested Custody And Visitation Cases

Contested child custody cases are among the most stressful and expensive family cases. Let Jim Jarvis bring his in-depth experience and knowledge to work on your case. He knows that some cases must go to court, and that many others will settle only when the other side sees you are ready and well-represented. Whether it is an original case or a modification of prior orders, Jim Jarvis and his team will aggressively represent you in a contested case, while never losing sight of your and your children’s real interests and goals.

Some of the issues which can require a contested case include:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Geographic relocation
  • Serious mental health problems
  • Child’s special needs
  • Negative home environment
  • Negative influence of new spouses and partners

Many cases with these issues actually can be resolved peacefully, but rest assured that attorney Jarvis has handled all of these, and many other difficult issues.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Attorney Jim Jarvis is devoted to helping you resolve the matters involving your children. If you need a child custody or visitation lawyer to advocate for you, call 512-591-0811 or contact the Law Office of Jim Jarvis by e-mail to schedule an appointment.