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Experienced Guidance For A Cooperative Divorce Agreement

When you are going through divorce, your lawyer should focus on all of your interests: legal, emotional and financial. While the outcome of your divorce will certainly impact your legal interests, the way you get to that outcome is critical to your emotional and financial interests. If you have children, you may continue to deal with your ex for many years, concerning that which is most precious and important. A contested divorce may set the stage for future battles. A collaborative approach, on the other hand, will create a model for functional, successful co-parenting.

Jim Jarvis has more than four decades of experience guiding Texas families through divorce. Although an aggressive litigator when necessary, attorney Jarvis feels that his clients’ interests are often best protected through collaborative law.

Is Collaborative Law The Right Approach For You?

It is important to think about every aspect of your divorce in choosing the right approach. Do you have children? Will your marital assets be difficult to divide? Are you and your spouse able to talk with each other about the issues involved in your divorce?

Collaborative law offers an efficient, private and cooperative option for clients who are able to work with their spouse to reach agreements that meet their family’s needs. If you and your spouse can commit to being fully open and honest with each other, attorney Jarvis will help you reach a collaborative divorce agreement.

Collaborative divorce gives you the opportunity to focus on reaching solutions that truly meet your needs. Although attorney Jarvis has extensive experience with traditional divorce litigation, he has found that many of his clients emotional and financial interests are met through collaborative law as it is often less expensive and emotionally draining than going to court.

How Collaborative Law Works

You and your spouse will each be represented by your own attorneys. Collaborative law does not give up your right to protect your interests.

Both parties and their lawyers will sign an agreement to resolve the divorce outside of the courtroom. To meet this goal, we will involve a neutral financial professional and/or mental health specialists to help you come to agreements that are in your best interests.

Jim Jarvis will sit down with you, your spouse and your spouse’s attorney to develop creative strategies and solutions for:

If you are going through a divorce in Round Rock, Georgetown or anywhere in the Williamson and Travis County area, call 512-591-0811 or contact attorney Jarvis online to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce attorney. He will talk through all of your options and help you determine if collaborative law is right for you.

For more information on Collaborative law, see the website of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas.