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Getting Married? Give Each Other A Gift To Keep Your Marriage Strong

A Premarital Agreement can be a very loving thing to do. Don’t fall for the myth that it’s “not romantic” or means “we’re going to divorce.” Any marriage can benefit from a Premarital Agreement. However, a “prenup” should be considered mandatory if:

  • There is a business or particular other assets
  • There is a debt or tax problem
  • Yours is a late-in-life remarriage, especially with children from prior marriage
  • The marriage is between people of significantly different ages, backgrounds or assets

Different expectations, undisclosed (or un-discussed) problems, and the needs of existing children can be some of the most difficult things to deal with in marriage. You can reduce the possibility that these will derail your dreams by addressing them now, and reaching a written agreement.

Many marriages do live up to the “death do us part” promise. But that means, of course, that one spouse has died, and the surviving spouse may have to deal with other family members, business partners, etc. Planning in advance makes sense.

At the Law Office of Jim Jarvis, attorney Jim Jarvis has the understanding required to draft solid prenuptial agreements for your family. He is an experienced Georgetown premarital agreements lawyer and a Board Certified Family Law Specialist (Texas Board of Legal Specialization). Jim and his staff will explain your family law options and help you choose the approach that is best for you.

Drawing from more than four decades of experience, attorney Jarvis will help you understand your premarital agreement options and guide you in making decisions to meet your needs. He will work to protect your legal, emotional and financial interests. Contact the firm by e-mail to schedule an initial consultation.

Premarital Agreements Lawyer In The Williamson And Travis County Area

Planning ahead is never a bad idea. Prenuptial agreements can help in many ways, including:

  • Protecting spouses from inheriting the debt of the other spouse
  • Insulate one spouse from large tax problems
  • Protecting inheritance
  • Ensure property is passed to the appropriate children
  • Protect your business assets

Attorney Jim Jarvis will work with you to draft an agreement that protects your rights and your loved ones’ interests.

Enforceable Premarital Agreements

In order to be enforceable, prenuptial agreements must meet certain state requirements. Attorney Jim Jarvis aims to meet those requirements in Texas statutes are met when drafting your legal documents. Premarital agreements or domestic partnership agreements can also be useful for couples living together but not ready to enter into a marriage.

If you need to protect your separate property or business assets, turn to a knowledgeable attorney for help. Call 512-591-0811 or contact the Law Office of Jim Jarvis by e-mail to schedule an appointment at the firm’s office in Georgetown.