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Is Mediation Right For You?

Sometimes, even the toughest cases can be resolved through mediation. A trained neutral mediator meets with the parties and their attorneys (usually in separate rooms) to help promote a settlement.

Attorney Jim Jarvis received formal mediation training at the University of Texas Law School Center For Public Policy Dispute Resolution, and has taken numerous other mediation courses. He has successfully orchestrated over 200 mediations. Jim brings his long experience, training and an open, hopeful spirit to each mediation.

Important things to know about mediation:

  • Mediation is confidential. Nothing said at mediation can be used in court, and Jim Jarvis cannot become a witness in your case.
  • Jim is neutral. He will not take sides. He will listen carefully to what you say, but he can not and will not attempt to resolve differing versions of past events. Jim will try to help you move toward a forward-looking solution. He will not judge or arbitrate your case. He may make suggestions or ask tough questions.
  • The key to successful mediation is preparation. Be prepared with the necessary information and documents. Exchange documents as needed well ahead of time.

Mediation Fees

The current special rate for mediation is $250.00 per hour ($125.00 per party per hour) payable at the time of mediation. If mediation is held at Jim Jarvis’ office, snacks and drinks are provided; lunch is provided for all-day mediations. For mediations elsewhere in the Austin-Round Rock area, Jim does not charge extra for travel, but the host is expected to provide snacks, drinks and lunch.

Jim Jarvis Mediation Availability Calendar

Attorneys: Click here for calendar. It says “busy” on those dates and times that are not available; unmarked slots are available. The calendar is updated frequently, but it is possible that a slot which appears open is no longer available. Likewise, slots marked “busy” may become available. It is best to call us at 512-591-0811. If you prefer, you may use the “contact us” feature of this website (please include names and contact info of both attorneys, the style and cause number, and the requested date and time). Jim Jarvis or his assistant will get back to you as soon as possible.