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Training is essential for collaborative divorce

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Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter battle. More Texas couples every day who are choosing to move apart with their lives are choosing a collaborative divorce over a hard-fought traditional divorce. It helps them to move on more quickly and inexpensively towards a good working relationship that is better for the children.

In order to be successful, however, a collaborative divorce requires a lot of skill. The attorneys need to be trained in the practice of bringing together all the talents necessary for a successful outcome and working to find collaborative solutions. If you are considering a collaborative divorce, here is what to look for in an attorney.

Solving problems

Many people who choose collaborative divorce do so because it sets up the communications necessary to a successful post-divorce parenting. That means that there is a commitment to finding win-win alternatives and confronting conflicts directly. This is the exact opposite of the law school experience, where attorneys are taught how to fight for their client’s rights and goals.

Training is available for this here in Texas, but it is not required. There is a two day basic training  on how to represent a client’s interest while solving problems that is starting point. It is also critical that the process has been practiced and continuing education in the latest techniques is up to date.

Interdisciplinary training

Cooperation and a commitment to problem solving is the key to collaborative divorce, but the skills necessary to make it work are never found in one person. What makes the process so efficient is that it brings all of the skills necessary for a successful settlement and parenting plan to the table together. These including counseling, financial planning, and many other skills depending on the circumstances.

Working across all of these disciplines is the key to making the process work. This requires an understanding of all these roles and how they fit together into one successful settlement.


The collaborative divorce process also requires a commitment to make it work. Even with a marriage that is falling apart, many couples are still devoted to the principles of raising their children amicably and not having an emotionally draining fight. It can be difficult even in the best situations to move it forward and develop the best settlement for everyone.

The attorneys involved have to have the commitment necessary to see this through to the end. This is the most important reason why you need to be sure that your attorney is trained and experienced in the collaborative divorce model.

Successful divorce and beyond

The best reason to choose a collaborative divorce is to start your new life apart with the right skills, plans, and attitude to successful raise children in a loving and nurturing environment. Representation which understands this and works with you to develop all of these things is essential.

If you are considering a collaborative divorce it is vital that you have an attorney representing you who is trained and experienced to see it through to the conclusion you need.



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