“Keep It Simple” Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Affordable Guidance for Your Uncontested Divorce

Over 30 Years of Experience in Texas Family Law

If you and your spouse have agreed or are likely to agree on everything, you may be thinking about a “do it yourself” divorce. You may be tempted to save money by using a guidebook or by hiring a company (usually outside Texas) to draft papers for you.

There is a better way! Jim Jarvis believes that every divorcing couple should have personal legal guidance. That is why he created the “Keep It Simple” consulting and document preparation program. If you and your spouse will have an uncontested divorce or other uncontested family case in the Austin or Georgetown area, call 512-591-0811 or contact attorney Jarvis and his staff online to discuss this affordable, safe option.

“Keep It Simple”

There can be many problems with a “DIY” approach to divorce. Each case is different, and each state has different laws. Are you sure you are completing the paperwork correctly? What will you do if a judge denies your petition for divorce on technical grounds? What happens if your spouse disagrees with you on an important point down the road? Many people expected to save money but ended up costing themselves a fortune due to botched divorce settlements.

With the “Keep It Simple” program, you get the benefit of an experienced attorney’s counsel with the affordability of doing it yourself:

  • Initial consultation with Attorney — When you come to the office for guidance for your uncontested divorce, you will meet with an experienced Texas family lawyer. Attorney Jarvis and his staff can help you determine what steps you must follow in order to obtain your divorce.
  • Document preparation — Every divorce involves paperwork. Under Attorney Jarvis’ guidance, an experienced local paralegal will prepare all of the documents you need to complete your divorce.
  • Reasonable flat fees — The ” Keep It Simple” program works on a flat fee basis.  You will not have to worry about open-ended, hourly legal fees.

Click here for more details about the ” Keep it Simple” program. Then, call 512-591-0811 or contact attorney Jarvis online to find out if “Keep It Simple” is the right option for your uncontested Texas divorce.