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Training is essential for collaborative divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter battle. More Texas couples every day who are choosing to move apart with their lives are choosing a collaborative divorce over a hard-fought traditional divorce. It helps them to move on more quickly and inexpensively towards a good working relationship that is better for the children.

Why The Right Attorney Matters In Collaborative Divorce

You’ve heard about the collaborative divorce trend. You and your spouse are parting ways rather amicably, so you think that going through a collaborative divorce might be a plausible option for your family. You have heard that there are many benefits to divorcing this way rather than through litigation, but you still have questions.

Mental illness and divorce rates

Scientific research has confirmed what many people already assumed: Individuals with depression, anxiety, and other affective disorders divorce at rates far above the national average.

Alcohol Addiction And Divorce

Individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction—or any sort of substance addiction— have a tougher time than most when it comes to maintaining a stable marriage. This isn’t news. Most folks would rightly guess that heavy drinking goes hand-in-hand with marital difficulties. What’s less understood, though, is the full range of consequences that alcohol addiction can bring about.

The pros and cons of probate

One area of concern when people begin estate planning is the probate process. This is the process of resolving your final wishes and distributing your property after you pass away. Some people create an estate plan that intentionally avoids probate at all costs. However, probate is not always a bad thing. Here is a look at the benefits and downsides so that you can start to consider what’s best for your situation:

The consequences of making it harder to divorce

The Texas legislature is considering two bills that will make it more difficult for couples to divorce. According to State Representative Matt Krause, who proposed both measures, passing them would be a means to "reinforce the sanctity of marriage." But there would likely be a number of unintended consequences as well. Indeed, the bills seem poised to make divorce more expensive, more rancorous, and more traumatizing for any children involved.

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