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Picture books for families of service members

Military families face special challenges. You raise your children to understand that Mom and Dad have important jobs. You never want to see your child upset. It can be extra difficult when you work for our country. Military mothers and fathers may end up being deployed. You do what you can to comfort your child and help them feel better.

Should child custody usually be a 50-50 split?

The Texas House of Representatives is currently considering a bill that could drastically change how the courts approach child custody. Specifically, the measure would mandate that unless extraordinary circumstances prevent it, divorcing mothers and fathers will be given equal possession time with their children.

Collaborative Law: A Sane Approach To Divorce

The average cost of a contested divorce in Texas is $15,600 -- and that number jumps to $23,500 if there are children involved*. The bulk of that money goes to attorneys' fees, with the rest covering costs associated with court filings, serving documents, and paying for the services of tax advisors, financial analysts, child custody evaluators and other professionals.

Why is it so difficult to obtain alimony in Texas?

In matters related to spousal support (also commonly referred to as alimony and spousal maintenance), the Texas courts are famous for stinginess. It is, simply put, quite difficult for individuals seeking payment from their former spouse - even those who most need it - to receive court-ordered spousal support.

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